Stroshk is an expense tracker.

Tracking your expenses can be cumbersome, but Stroshk makes it as pain-free as possible. Quickly add new expenses whether you are at home or on-the-go.

See where your money is going with simple but powerful analytics.

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Stroshk is sophisticated.

Manage your spending and earning alike on multiple independent accounts, with no restrictions on the number of transactions.

Transactions can be made in arbitrary currencies. The analytics are shown in the currency of your choice.

Add monthly recurring transactions, spending goals and alerts.

Stroshk is geek friendly

It has powerful export and import capabilities to and from many different file formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, SQLite, MP3 etc.)

Stroshk provides a REST API to easily integrate manage the transactions and all other aspects with third-party applications.

You own all your data! If you decide to leave, you can request a data dump that will allow you to later restore all accounts.